Your Customer Success Manager

An interview with our Customer Success Manager

My Role

My role at Sano is multifaceted. To put it simply, as early as possible in the onboarding process, I engage with new customers to understand their needs and be their voice within Sano to make sure those needs are met. I then stay in contact with customers at regular intervals (and ad hoc via phone and email) to provide tailored support and solutions. I analyse and evaluate the service provided by creating management information analysis reports and am actively involved in ensuring the delivery of the highest quality service. 

I work closely with all customer facing departments in Sano and have regular meetings with department heads to ensure everything comes together the way it should, from clinical and administrative to finance.  

My Approach

My general approach is to be proactive, be approachable and knowledgeable about needs and requirements and help Sano deliver the best possible service to our customers.  

I do this by  

  • Analysing the current services provided by generating data reports and presenting them to our Customers and managers. With this I am able to explore if there are opportunities for improvement or potential requirements for additional support services 
  • Regularly liaising with Customers to discuss their needs, allowing me to ensure they are getting what they expect as well as keeping track of any changes in their needs and giving Sano the ability to work with them to adapt the service to fit. 
  • Actively seeking and facilitating feedback from Customers and liaising with Sano department heads and taking action if required. This ensures all parties involved have a clear understanding of the service, down to specific minute details, and that Sano is agile in its response to evolving and dynamic requirements. 
  • Liaising with Sano’s Clinical Director and Clinical Operations Managers regarding specific training of physiotherapists and clinical equipment to increase the quality and variety of service we can provide our customers. I often do this based on forecasting trends rather than waiting for requests to come in, it’s good to always be one (or two) steps ahead. 
  • Continually working with Sano’s Admin Manager and admin team to ensure non-clinical Customer requirements are met and to maintain a high level of Customer and Client satisfaction in daily operations. 

Obviously, the quality of physiotherapy that Sano provide is very important, but the admin support is as equally vital to making a high-quality all-round service. Sano are proud to hold an ISO:9001 accreditation for our back-office function which include all aspects carried out by our team of administrators and managers. Our admin team are key to helping me carry out some specific parts of my role and work hard to ensure the data I require to process management information analysis reports is input accurately 

My Focus on Data

A key part of my role which I would like to highlight for you, is management information and analysis reports. These can be a little daunting at first glance but are essential when looking at the success of a service and providing feedback to our customers and managers. The best way to explain them is to show an example of some of the data on the reports that I create. 

For the below examples I have looked at one of our Occupational Health customers, with all details anonymised. 

These boxes show the basic figures for the selected month which allow us to track Service Level Agreement performance. I also record these figures on my own data reports so I can track trends and long-term performance.

Lastly this is a trends graph for body site injuries broken down by month. This shows us clearly that lower back issues (the blue line that sits above the others in this chart) are the highest concern for this Customer and there is spike in some injuries in the winter months

With the above data, pivoted and analysed in detail (and the rest that I cant fit into this article), I am able to ensure the service we provide is of the highest quality. Most commonly, I will then chair a meeting or call with the customer to go through the analysis and trends in the data, before discussing opportunities for interventions.

There are always ways to improve. Shorter waiting times, improved knowledge and awareness, better facilities and equipment, more advanced treatments, and more, all go towards making a good service a great one. Then turning a great service into an excellent one, and so on.

Sano Physiotherapy Ltd are a leading name in Physiotherapy across all sectors from private healthcare to occupational health, but one of the most important things we can do to continually improve is to take a detailed look at what we do right now and ask how can we do better?’. Who better to help us answer this question than the people using our service, our Customers.

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